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It is not practical and sometimes even impossible to have access to all the product details when creating a product related tracking event (E.g. ProductImpression), which is typically performed in the frontend with restricted access to the database information.

Even in situations when one has access to all the information, it is possible that URL used to track the page details is so long that the server, or even the browser, may have trouble processing the request.

Product Feeder#

To solve these problems and allow developers to manage all the product listings that may be tracked in one place, Velocidi offers the option to import an entire product listing at once to the tracking system, using the Google Merchant format. This is how it works:

1. Create the Product Feed and Publish It#

First create a product feed, with all the information of each product, following the Merchant specification, in either Atom or RSS formats.

Ideally, the XML containing the product feed should be dynamically created according to the desired schedule, so that each time it is accessed it contains the most up-to-date information about the products that will be tracked on the client web pages.

The product feed must be available through a public URL that Velocidi's system may access at any time. For example:

Velocidi will access the URL to fetch all the product details.

2. Scheduling the Feed Import#

See the instructions in Product Offline Imports to import the products into the CDP.

3. Change the JavaScript Tag#

All E-commerce events which need to specify a Product (E.g. Product View), no longer need to specify the full product details but instead only the id field.

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