Attribution Value to Events


Velocidi's CDP will analyze the generated traffic in order to find conversion events and their respective attributable events:

  • Conversion event: an event that generated revenue, for example, a purchase or subscription.
  • Attributable event: a previous event from the user that lead to the conversion event.

For example, it is insightful to know that a certain ad view might have been the deciding factor that lead to a purchase.

Velocidi's CDP will relate conversion events with the attributable events that lead to the conversion. Through our Attribution API you can query these events and run your own attribution models to identify the value of each attributable event in relation to a specific conversion.

Fetch Conversions#

You can retrieve all conversions that occurred between a time frame by calling the conversionsSource method:

$ grpc_cli call eu.shiftforward.adstax.api.attribution.grpc.service.Attribution/conversionsSource 'startTime: 1539693160981, endTime: 1539693174897'

(This example uses gprc_cli to make the gRPC request, but any other gRPC client will work)

The response will be a stream of conversions. A conversion consists of a conversion event and their respective attributable events.

Attribute Value#

After you've applied your attribution model to the previously retrieved conversions, you should now have a value for each attributable event. This value signifies the importance, in a percentual format, that said attributable event had in leading to the conversion event.

To import the value of a conversion to Velocidi's CDP you can use the method addAttributionValues, which takes as input the model used to calculate the values, the ID of the conversion event, and a Map of attributableId (ID of the attributable event) to value (from 0 to 1, percentual). Attributable events not present in the Map will be automatically given a value of 0. If the total sum of values is different from 1 (±0.01) the method will fail.

$ grpc_cli call eu.shiftforward.adstax.attribution.api.grpc.service.Attribution/addAttributionValues \ '
model: "position-based",
conversionId: "932bc00c-66c5-4016-838d-7eacff027f79",
valuesByAttributableId {
key: "0970c9c2-cf6f-43c8-a188-591e48da8d0c"
value: 0.75
valuesByAttributableId {
key: "b2aaf9e1-917b-40a1-93ec-98136ad56385"
value: 0
valuesByAttributableId {
key: "02eb0b3c-076d-4424-a87f-94b4a8f75116"
value: 0
valuesByAttributableId {
key: "cd5ecfa1-92fe-4492-a95b-f9d0b5405127"
value: 0.25
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