User Identifiers

In Velocidi, each user has a 1st Party identifier generated by the CDP. They will also have multiple other identifiers from different channels and platforms. Collecting and resolving all of these IDs enables the identification of the user across multiple channels and keep track of their multi-channel customer journey.

Cross-platform IDs such as e-mail hashes or CRM IDs are typically used to perform onboarding operations before reaching out to the users through other mediums (Browser, App, etc.).


A User Profile is composed of:

Typical HTTP interactions with the CDP will use our 1st Party cookie to identify the user by default so no ID has to be passed explicitly. However, to support cross-channel user identification, additional user IDs must be previously matched via ID Matching by making use of the following ID types below.

The IDs are classified according to their platform, channel, ID Type (etc) as follows:

  • Platform: The platform where the ID is used. Common platforms are browser and mobile. Some IDs are not platform specific, such as the email address, and can be used in any platform.
  • Channel: The channel from where the ID was generated. For marketing platform IDs, this typically identifies if the ID is 1st or 3rd Party. Specific platform IDs can also exist, such as those from Email or CRM.
  • ID Type: The identifier to use in ID Matching.

Default ID types#

Velocidi CDP comes pre-configured to accept the following ID types:

1st Party Cookie#

  • Platform: Browser
  • Channel: 1st Party
  • ID Type: 1pCookie

This ID is automatically generated by the velocidi CDP in Web interfaces and is sent via the adstax_uid cookie. It is the default ID type used to identify the user.

CookieSync Cookie#

  • Platform: Browser
  • Channel: 3rd Party
  • ID Type: csi_* / csp_*

This ID is used by the CookieSync interactions.


This ID type is not a reliable identifier of the user

This ID type will not be used to link together multiple User profiles. This means that multiple distinct User profiles can have the same CookieSync Cookie.

Android device Ad ID#

  • Platform: Mobile
  • Channel: 3rd Party
  • ID Type: gaid

This ID identifies a user's Android device.

iOS device Ad ID#

  • Platform: Mobile
  • Channel: 3rd Party
  • ID Type: idfa

This ID identifier a user's iOS device.


  • Platform: Any
  • Channel: CRM
  • ID Type: crm

This ID corresponds to the CRM ID from a specific platform.


Only 1 CRM ID is allowed per user profile

The number of ids per id type is customizable for your own private CDP environment. When a new id match is attempted for a user profile that has already reached the limit (e.g. a new CRM ID being added or matched to an existing profile that already has a CRM ID), the match will fail, and the user profile is not updated.

Email SHA256#

  • Platform: Any
  • Channel: Email
  • ID Type: email_sha256

This ID identifies the user via email. The email is hashed with SHA256 for privacy reasons.

Email MD5#

  • Platform: Any
  • Channel: Email
  • ID Type: email_md5

This ID identifies the user via email. The email is hashed with MD5 for privacy reasons.

Email SHA256 in base64#

  • Platform: Any
  • Channel: Email
  • ID Type: email_sha256b64

This ID identifies the user via email. The email is hashed with SHA256 and encoded in base64 for privacy reasons.

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